About Us

Delkor Brokers are leading Financial Insurance Advisors that have been trading since 1964. We deliver a dynamic service to our clients. Our competent staff here at Delkor Brokers have built personal relationships with their clients and insurers over the years and are focussed to deliver on every client’s unique insurance portfolio.  What is the price of peace at mind? We take pride in knowing our clients become our friends, because you as a client are very important to us. You can contact us directly to submit your claim, ask for insurance advice or update your information.


To be a dynamic brokerage that gives extraordinary service to its clients, to provide the correct advice and deliver prompt service.


Delkor Brokers aims to achieve:

  • A dynamic focus and enthusiasm on each client’s portfolio in the interest of the client and the organization.
  • To always act legally and with integrity and build loyalty between Insurer, broker and client through mutual respect..
  • To create effective channels of communication and personal relationships with all clients.
  • To always treat people with dignity and respect no matter the circumstances.
  • To serve our community with the utmost love and respect and to manage our business in honour of God.


Delkor Brokers is an Authorized Financial Services Provider (FSP 6050). Masthead has been appointed to act as Delkor Broker’s advisor with reference to adherence to all aspects of the law. (FINANCIAL ADVISORY AND INTERMEDIARY SERVICES ACT, 2002) Masthead annually conducts audits and reports to the FSB. It is very important to Delkor Brokers to keep up with new technology and changes in the law to equip our personnel with knowledge to deliver an excellent service to our clients.


Delkor Brokers is a family business that was founded by Johan and Malie Joubert in April 1964. Their first office was in a back building on their property. It was later moved to the Boeresaal (which today is the Living Word Church) and then to an office at Pickard and Kirstein. The current building was bought and they moved into it in 1968. Three years later the offices had to be extended to keep up with the growth of the business.  In 1974 the last of these extentions were made. Junior Joubert joined the company in 1979 and with his involvement the business and property improved. To better communicate with the different offices a radio mast was erected. Dirk Joubert was involved in Delkor Brokers between 1981 – 2004 before he started his own business. Junior Joubert is currently the Managing Director and the third generation has recently also entered the business. They are Melisa van Niekerk and Stehan Joubert. Delkor Brokers and their team have grown to be a family that will serve its clients with friendship, loyalty and trust for many years to come.

For the joyful years and the growth we give all the honour and praise to God – that is the foundation of Delkor